horrizontal wrapping machines, wrappers for special packaging


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This medium speed wrapping machine, is designed for packing product that after wrapping will be processed in heat shrink tunnel, in order to achieve tight finish of the packaging

Simple robust design, easy to maintain well proved mechanical design. Optional Rotary Ultrasonic Bonding system is available across the range, and allows to take full advantage of ultrasonic sealing technology.

Machine specifications

  • Version:-     Left hand or right hand.
  • Frame:-     Welded steel, painted with epoxy paint, guards in stainless steel(AISI 304).
  • Colour:-     RAL 9010 (Beige).
  • Power supply:-     400V-50Hz Three phase + neutral + ground with power consumption of 3 Kw.
  • Air supply:-     Consumption 1.5 nl/min at 5 bar.
  • Infeed conveyor:-     Conveyor with chain - Stainless steel parts in contact with the product.
  • Former:-     Fixed or adjustable, depending on the product.
  • Film reel:-     Cantilevered reel holders with self centring cones suitable for a film width of 500 mm and a reel dia. of 350 mm.
  • Longitudinal sealing:-     Set of cantilevered pulling wheels + set of cantilevered sealing wheels + set of of cantilevered flap folding wheels.
  • TTransversal sealing:- Progressive cut with inclined cut on the knives with a width of 250 mm.
  • Delivery belt:-     Cantilevered unit with only two rolls for easy belt change.
  • Internal driving:-     Package length with mechanical speed variator in oil bath. - Main drive with two reducers. – Cutting head speed variator in oil bath – 1 HP motor with speed controller (inverter).
  • External adjustment:-     Hand-wheel for sealing bars speed and package length.
  • Layout units:-     All units are cantilevered (Infeed conveyor, sealing wheels, cutting head and delivery belt)
  • Electrical:-     Safety guards in conformity to CE rules.
  • Lubrication:-     Machine without lubrication necessity: Only open gears and chains needs some external greasing.


Standard Specifications


ZA 500 Trim

Wrapping speed:-

up to 100 pc/min

Film reel width:-

500 mm

External film reel dia.:-

350 mm

Max. package height:-

110 mm

Max. package width:-

230 mm

Min. package length:-

40 mm

Max. package length:-

550 mm

Compressed air pressure:-

6 bar

Supply voltage :-

400VAC x 3 + N, 50 Hz

Power consumption:-

3 KW

Net weight:-

800 kg

Complete turnkeys packaging solutions are available on request.

Please contact us on info@jzw.com.au to discuss your application.

horrizontal wrapping machines, wrappers for special packaging

ZA 500 Trim Horizontal Wrapping Machine.


horrizontal wrapping machines, wrappers for special packaging

ZA 500 Trim - Horizontal Wrapper - infeed.


horrizontal wrapping machines, wrappers for special packaging

ZA 500 Trim Horizontal Wrapper - machine outfeed, transfer to heat shrink tunnel.



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